Blogs at Penn State: Discontinued

Blogs at Penn State (MoveableType) has been discontinued as of August 18, 2014.

The dashboard is no longer functional.

Frequently Asked Questions

I did not migrate my blog before the service was shut down, is my blog automatically deleted?

You can still visit your Blogs website(s) even though the service has shut down. All of your Blog's published content (static HTML files) still remains in your Personal Web space.

Can I still migrate my old blog to another web publishing platform (e.g. Sites at Penn State)?

No. The ability for you to automatically migrate your old Blogs website to a Sites at Penn State website ended as of the service's shutdown down date.

Can I delete my old Blog? I can still visit my site and/or my site still shows up in search engine results.

You can no longer manage or edit your content via the MoveableType dashboard. However, your site still exists as static HTML files in your Personal Web space. These pages will remain readable until you manually change or remove them from Personal Web space. If your Penn State Access ID is still active, you can edit or delete your blog path folder from your Personal Web space via As search engines re-index websites, yours should eventually be removed from their cache. If you can no longer access your Personal Web space, please contact the ITS Service Desk.

Is there a Penn State alternative for creating blogs and websites?

We encourage you to create any new blogs and websites at Sites at Penn State, powered by WordPress. Just like Blogs at Penn State, any Penn State faculty, student, or staff can create websites for free using WordPress. You aren't even required to activate your Personal Web space to use it. Simply visit Sites at Penn State, click "Create a Site", and log in with your Penn State Access ID. It's easy to use and provides even more powerful features, a variety of fresh themes, and faster service.


Have more questions? Need help? Please contact the ITS Service Desk with any questions related to your Blogs site and/or access to your Personal Web space.

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  • Blogs at Penn State (MoveableType) has been discontinued as of August 18, 2014.