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Embed Content From Other Web Sites In Your Blog


In this screencast we look at how to embed content from Youtube in your blog. This video uses Youtube as an example, but you can use this same method for many other media sharing sites such as flickr, google reader, vimeo, etc.


I was pleasantly surprised to find this particular video. You are correct in posing such a powerful question. Unfortunately, I think we have a divergence here of policy and practice that is dangerous if you are an administrator and useful if you are a faculty member. Not that the two are mutually exclusive but AD-20 is being interpreted differently at each campus. "Fear" is the theme of the day at our campus when using web based community sites. This breaks my heart. But then I can understand to a degree why this is happening when we see one after another law suit in the millions occurring with organizations who violated this trust. No one wants to get caught in violation of identity policies but at the same token, you can't tell them not to use these tools. It is like saying stay inside this summer because you might get skin cancer. Put on lotion, take steps to protect yourself and move on. Personal responsibility. This needs to be fostered in the classroom, the campus, the boardroom, the home. We are not doing this.

I see your Blog Course Aggregation post title - but the youtube quality isn't quite good enough for me to read the text. How might you go about getting an rss feed of the blogs from all students in a given class on one page? (as a web page, as opposed to going through google reader or Yahoo) I see a number of options, but what would you recommend?

Alice, if you ask all your students to use the same tag for entries relevant to particular course, then doing a system wide tag search would create a page that has all the entries on it. No need to use any other service.

For example, here are the entries tagged comm180fall08


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