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August 2009 Archives

Protected Blogging Now Available


The Blogs at Penn State has helped students, faculty, and staff publish content to their Penn State Personal Web space. Today's update to the blogs system enables creation of blogs in Penn State Protected Personal Web space as well. When a user creates a blog, they will be given the option to create the blog in their protected space. If this option is chosen, then:

  • Only those granted access by the blog creator will be able to view the blog.
  • Permission to view the blog can be granted to those with Penn State Access Accounts or Friends of Penn State Accounts. Users may be added by userids or by groups.
  • Since logging in through WebAccess is required in order to view a protected blog, almost all RSS applications will not be able to access a protected blog's feed.
  • Only the creator of the protected blog can search within a protected blog or use the protected blog's tag cloud. Other readers will not be able to use the blog's tag cloud or search the blog.
  • Any contents in this private blog will not show up in the PSU Voices Blog Search.

Want to see how it works? Watch the screencast embedded below. New Blogs At Penn State? Visit the getting started guide


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