As of August 18, 2014, will be shut down. All blogs and sites remaining on this service will no longer be available for viewing, editing, or commenting. Please use Sites at Penn State, the official replacement. Read the full announcement for more detail.

New Blog Features


Here are some of the changes to Blogs at Penn State that went live this morning. New blogs will be getting these features automatically.

Comment Notifications

This feature is currently live for some of users, and we'll be gradually rolling this out over the next few days. A "Subscribe" link is available below the Comment area that allows users to receive an email when someone responds to a comment.

Comment Subscribe Screenshot

New Visual Design For Penn State Voices

All the same features as before but now with a new layout which aims to make the large amount of information on page easier to parse. Try the new Penn State Voices now.

New Penn State Voices For Fall 2010

Easier Blog Management

For your convenience you can now get to pages that let you create and edit content right from your blog. No more having to remember the dashboard URL. If you are viewing your blog and want to change something, the link to do so is right there. Within the "Manage This Blog" sidebar widget, you can click on options to add an entry, edit this page, add a page, or go to the blog's dashboard.

manage your blod widget fall 2010

You don't have to have a blog

Want to build a web site but don't want to include a blog? Now the blog link in the horizontal navigation of the professional template disappear if you have no blog entries.

no blog tab screenshot


I am not seeing the Manage This Blog options in my blog. Is this a widget that needs loaded? If so, where can I find it?


If you refreshed your templates, it should be there. You might have to go into widget manager and add it to your sidebar.

Are viewable pages on a Penn State blog site limited to 4? I have added pages but they are not viewable from the home page and most have limits. (The blog page works great, easily allows me to add multiple entries and serves as the default page for new entries to post on. My other viewable pages (home, contact, and objective (about) pages only allow one entry that I can't seem to add to (but can change). Other pages I've added are not viewable. I'm wondering if I've set it up wrong or if this is just how the template works.


If you add @topnav as a tag to a page it will show up in the horizontal navbar.


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